Liberty High School Detective League
Burnside and her new friend Ray hit the halls of Liberty High to solve the school's toughest cases in this on-going all-ages teen detective series. 
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Case 1: 
Tag... You're It.

Follow high school mystery club member Bernadette “Burnside” Snyder and her new friend Ray Griego as they attempt to track down a graffiti artist who seems to be targeting Burnside. But why does this mysterious tagger want her attention? 
Case 2: 
The Catnapping of Lenny the Lion.

Liberty High's mascot and good luck charm, Lenny the Lion, has gone missing! With low morale infecting everyone at school, it is up to Burnside, Ray, and the rest of the Liberty High School Detective League to find Lenny before kickoff at the Homecoming Football game! Will they find Lenny in time? Who is responsible? Find out in the second exciting issue of Liberty High School Detective League!